Hwaen Ch'uqi, Pianist and Composer


Following is an exhaustive list of compositions, both completed
and in progress. It is supplemented by a growing collection of audio
excerpts as well as links for purchasing recordings and scores.
Be sure to check back periodically, as this catalogue will be updated
from time to time, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any


1: Cello Sonata No. 1, A-Dur
   I. Allegro
   Composed 20 June, 2003 -
   For Natasha Farny

2: Cello Sonata No. 2, D-Dur
   Composed 20 June, 2003 -
   For Ella Toovy

3: Cello Sonata No. 3, d-moll
   Composed 20 June, 2003 -
   For Aron Zelkowicz

4: Twenty-Four Miniatures
   For Cello and Piano
   Composed 20 June, 2003 -

5: Suite, Es-Dur
   For Cello Solo
   Composed 20 June, 2003 -

6: First Love: A Divine Tragedy
   For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
   Texts by Hwaen Ch'uqi
   I. Vocalise -- Hymn of Praise (Or, Praeludium -- Fuga)
   II. Turning, I
   III. Dedication
   IV. Turning, II
   V. Anguish
   VI. A Song of Remembrance
   VII. Embrace
   Composed 11 January, 2004 -
   For Jung-Eun Oh

7: Loss
   (Extant middle movement of discarded Piano Sonata, d-moll)
   For Piano Solo MP3
   Composed 1 November, 2001
   For Sarah Sik Wai Chan

8: Piano Sonata No. 1, Des-Dur
   I. Grand Prelude
   II. Scherzo
   III. For Whom My Heart Longs
   IV. Fantasy
   Composed 11 May - 11 September, 2004
   For Grace Fong

9: Flute Sonata, es-moll
   I. Adagio ma non troppo
   II. Allegro
   III. Largo
   IV. Presto
   Composed 11 January, 2005 - 5 September, 2015

10: Piano Concerto, Ha-Dur
    Composed February, 2005 -
    For Natalya Antonova

11: Violin Sonata No. 1, d-moll
    Composed March, 2005 -

12: Violin Sonata No. 2, E-Dur ("In Memoriam Zvi Zeitlin")
    I. Allegro
    II. Adagio
    III. Rondo On a Favorite Theme
    Composed March, 2005 -

13: Ballade, ha-moll
    For Piano Solo
    Composed April, 2005 -

14: Suite in the Baroque Manner, D-Dur
    For Two Pianos, Four Hands
    Composed April, 2005 -

15: Seven Concert Pieces
    For Piano Solo Purchase score 
    I. March
    II. Lament
    III. Dance!
    IV. Amid The Fount, The Inca Stood, And Dried His Tears Anew!
    V. Feather's Rag
    VI. Berceuse
        (Based on an original for violin and guitar, now lost)
    VII. Étude
    Composed 11 January, 2006 - 9 February, 2009
    For Gilbert Kalish

16: Berceuse, Es-Dur
    (Transcription of Ch'uqi, CWV 15/5)
    For Viola and Harp
    For Emilia Wachter

17: In Memoriam Robert Schumann, B-Dur
    (Expansion of Ch'uqi, CWV 39/6)
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 19 September, 2013 -
    For Diana Young

18: Two Souvenirs
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 2007 -
    For J.J. Kauffman

19: Twenty-Five Preludes
    For Piano, Four Hands Purchase recording  
    I. As I Gazed Into The Mountains Black MP3
    II. But I Loved You! MP3
    III. Elation MP3
    IV. Lament MP3
    V. Valse-Coquette MP3
    VI. A Dolly Forsaken MP3
    VII. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me,
         Let Us Go Into The House Of The LORD MP3
    VIII. In Exile MP3
    IX. Song Without Words MP3
    X. The Chase MP3
    XI. The Musical Box MP3
    XII. March MP3
    XIII. From The Depths My Tears Ascended MP3
    XIV. Gavotte MP3
    XV. Trepak (In Memoriam Petr Tchaikovsky) MP3
    XVI. The Apparition MP3
    XVII. Tarantella MP3
    XVIII. Elegy MP3
    XIX. Rondo (In Memoriam Amadeus Mozart) MP3
    XX. Why? (In Memoriam Johannes Brahms) MP3
    XXI. Confession MP3
    XXII. Sicilienne MP3
    XXIII. Supplication MP3
    XXIV. Upon My Journey To Damascus,
          Or, O Death, Where Is Thy Sting? MP3
    XXV. Please, Stay! MP3
    Composed 6 December, 2007 - 7 February, 2010
    For Felice Kuan

20: Five Miniatures
    For piano Solo
    I. Valse-Berceuse
    II. Breathe!
    Composed 9 February, 2008 -
    For Grace Kensinger

21: Piano Sonatina No. 1, As-Dur
    I. Grazioso
    II. Song Without Words
    III. Rondo
    Composed 27 March - 26 December, 2008
    For Matthew Cameron

22: Absonance
    For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
    Text by Hwaen Ch'uqi
    Composed 3 April, 2008 - 5 January, 2009
    For Abigail Fischer

23: Meditation, B-Dur
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 30 June, 2008
    For Tais Petrova

23A: Meditation, B-Dur
     (Transcription of Ch'uqi, CWV 23)
     For Organ Solo
     Transcribed 23-24 August, 2013
     For Lynnann Wieringa

24: Piano Sonatina No. 2, gis-moll
    Composed 27 December, 2008 -
    For Nana Shi

25: Ein Kleines Lied, G-Dur
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 8-26 January, 2009
    For Maryana Kusmiy

26: Legend
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 26 January, 2009 -
    For Kimball Gallagher

27: A Little Treasure Box
    For Piano Solo
    II. Ecstasy
    III. Ennui
    IV. Sadness
    V. Marche Tragique
    VIII. Love's Bliss
    XVI. Regrets
    XVII. Chorale
    XIX. Loneliness
    XX. Music Of The Spheres
    XXII. Invention
    Composed 15 April, 1997 -
    For Melissa Odens

28: Souvenir, A-Dur
    For Piano, Four Hands
    Composed 26 January - 12 May, 2010
    For Catherine Foulkrod

29: Papillons, Es-Dur
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 11-13 February, 2010
    For Vita Kusmiy

30: Souvenir, G-Dur
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 20 August - 3 September, 2010
    For Lynnann Wieringa

31: Twenty-Four Preludes
    For Piano Solo
    Composed 25 August, 2010 -
    For Jason Peterson

32: Fantasy On a Theme By Phillip Keveren, C-Dur
    For Piano, Four Hands
    Composed 26 December, 2010 - 26 May, 2011
    For Lynnann Wieringa

33: Bis Morgen, A-Dur MP3
    For Piano, Four Hands Purchase recording  
    Composed 17 April, 2011
    For Maki Noyama and Shinya Okahara

34: De Mes Amis, Les Animaux
    For Piano Solo Purchase recording Purchase score
    I. Through Verdant Glade Course the Mare and Her Foal MP3 Purchase sheet music
    II. From Crippling Dreams, The Mourning Dove Doth Daily Wrest
        and Soothe Me Purchase sheet music
    III. Gaily Laughs the Kangaroo MP3 Purchase sheet music
    IV. A Study in Chameleon Hues MP3 Purchase sheet music
    V. Maiden Flight of the Little Goose MP3 Purchase sheet music
    VI. The Sea Urchin Recalls MP3 Purchase sheet music
    VII. Flit of the Fireflies Upon a Summer Rain MP3 Purchase sheet music
    VIII. On the Spider's Threads and Cunning MP3 Purchase sheet music
    IX. Threnody of the Elephants on the Death of Their Friend MP3 Purchase sheet music
    X. In Solar Streams, The Little Cat Bathes MP3 Purchase sheet music
    XI. The Sea Inflamed, Yet Doth the Tuna Hold Its Course MP3 Purchase sheet music
    XII. With Long Farewells, The Owl at Dusk Conducts Me Home MP3 Purchase sheet music
    Composed 11 August, 2011 - 11 February, 2012
    For Lynnann Wieringa

34A: Vocalise, As-Dur
     (After Ch'uqi, CWV 34/7)
     For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
     Composed 15-16 April, 2018
     For Karen Wierzba

35: Deux Morceaux
    For Cello and Piano
    I. Complainte
    II. Souvenir
    Composed 24 September, 2011 -
    For Corinne Cassini

36: Deux Danses Fantastiques
    (Transcription of Ch'uqi, CWV 19/14-15)
    For Two Pianos, Four Hands
    Transcribed 24-29 February, 2012

37: Twenty-Five Preludes
    For Two Pianos, Four Hands
    XV. Variations On An Original Theme
    XVIII. Valse-Lament
    Composed 28 February, 2012 -

38: Twenty-Five Preludes
    For Piano, Four Hands
    XIII. Love Duet
          (Transcription of Ch'uqi, CWV 39/5)
    XXIV. Sicilienne
    Composed 11 July, 2012 -
    For Emi Okumura

39: Faded Leaves
    For Piano Solo
    I. Tawantinsuyu: Farewell, Beloved Of My Soul
    II. Italy: In Memoriam Domenico Scarlatti
    III. Viet Nam: Dirge For The Sisters Trung
    IV. France: Valse Sentimentale
    V. India: Love Duet
    VI. Germany: Sehnsucht
    VII. Tawantinsuyu: Threnody On The Death Of Inti's Land
    Composed 2 May, 2012 - 18 December, 2013
    For Kimball Gallagher

40: Suite, F-Dur
    For Clarinet, Viola, and Piano
    Composed 19 April, 2013 -
    For Julie Runion

41: Piano Quartet, D-Dur
    Composed 24 March, 2013 -
    For the Florestan Piano Quartet

42: String Sextet, B-Dur
    Composed 11 December, 2013 -

43: Viola Sonata No. 1, A-Dur
    I. Allegro
    (Movements I-II and IV transcribed from Ch'uqi, CWV 1)

44: Viola Sonata No. 2, es-moll
    I. Adagio ma non troppo
    II. Allegro
    III. Largo
    IV. Presto grazioso
    (Movements I-III transcribed from Ch'uqi, CWV 9)
    Movement IV composed 6-8 November, 2014
    For John Michael Vaida

45: Real
    Musical in One Act and Fourteen Scenes
    (Based on The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams)
    Music by Hwaen Ch'uqi
    Book and lyrics by Darcel Ross and Hwaen Ch'uqi
    I. Just What I've Always Wanted
    II. Screen Time
    III. What is Real?
    IV. Nana's Lament
    V. Good Night
    VI. Spring Fling
    VII. What is Real? (Reprise)
    VIII. Rabbit Rumba
    IX. Real to Me (Sad Song #1)
    X. Spring Fling (Reprise)
    XI. Out with the Trash
    XII. Alone (Sad Song #2)
    XIII. Come Away
    XIV. Rabbit Rumba (Reprise)
    XV. Dare to Dream
    Composed 28 September, 2014 - 5 February, 2015
    For Cayuga Heights Elementary School

46: Salute From a New American
    For Three Pianos, Twelve Hands
    Purchase ebook of Conductor's Score
    Purchase ebook of Piano I
    Purchase ebook of Piano II
    Purchase ebook of Piano III
        Composed 6 December, 2014 - 6 January, 2015
    For the Rochester Piano Teachers Guild

47: In Praise of Morning Majesty
    For Palwe, Pat Waing, and Orchestra View world premiere
    Composed 10 December, 2015 - 15 January, 2016
    For the Taipei Civic Symphony Orchestra, and for the peoples of Myanmar

47A: In Praise of Morning Majesty
     (Adaptation of Ch'uqi, CWV 47)
     For Marimba, Piccolo, and Orchestra View world premiere
     Adapted 6-7 May, 2016
     For the Taipei Civic Symphony Orchestra

48: Cantata No. 5, D Major
    (Song Cycle)
    For Soprano and Orchestra
    Texts by Hwaen Ch'uqi
    Composed 10 January, 2017 -
    For Karen Wierzba

49: A Sterling Suite, B-Dur
    For tuba, trumpet, and piano View world premiere
    I. Prelude?
    II. Minuet and Trio
    III. Chorale, Variation, and Coda
    IV. Song Without Words
    V. Finale
    Composed 24 February - 21 August, 2017
    For Jason Ladd

50: Metamorphosis Toward An American Tune
    For Palwe, Pat Waing, and Piano Trio
    Composed 2-14 May, 2017
    For the Myanmar Music Festival

50A: Metamorphosis Toward An American Tune
     (Adaptation of Ch'uqi, Cwv 50)
     For Marimba, Piccolo, and Piano Trio View world premiere
     Adapted 15 January - 3 February, 2018

51: Five Movements
    For Piano Left Hand
    I. Valse Tragique
    V. The Peace That Passes All Understanding
    Composed 19 April, 2018 -
    For Martha Blair


1: Song of Devotion, D-Dur
   For Voice and Piano
   Text by Hwaen Ch'uqi
   Composed 13 October, 2007
   For Boram Chung

2: Hymn
   (Setting of Korean hymn)
   For Piano Solo
   Set 17 March, 2008
   For Seung-Hye Jung

3: Joy Abounding, Fis-Dur
   For Piano, Four Hands
   Composed 27-29 November, 2008
   For Victor Elmaleh

4: Ode to Aging, G-Dur
   For Five Male Voices and Piano
   Text by Jason Andrew Miller
   Composed 20-21 February, 2009
   For Matthew Judd

5: Ricordanza, As-Dur
   (Variation VI from Hexameron, Book II)
   For Piano Solo
   Composed 23 April - 3 June, 2009
   For Matthew Cameron

6: Tombeau de Momo
   For Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra
   Text by Mark Strand
   Composed 11-15 June, 2009

7: Philosovee, Des-Dur
   For Alto and Piano
   Text by Roy Marriott
   Composed 21 July, 2009 - 19 January, 2011
   For Roy Marriott

8: A Word Fitly Spoken, Des-Dur
   For Vocal Quintet
   Composed 10-11 February, 2010
   For Ben Miller

9: Psalm 23, Ha-Dur
   For Alto and Piano
   Composed 13 March, 2013 -
   For Darcy Ross

10: Kitten On The Keys, F-Dur
    (Transcription of Zez Confrey)
    For Piano, Four Hands
    Transcribed 16-23 September, 2013

11: Canon in D
    (Free setting of Pachelbel, T. 337/1)
    For Cello Solo
    Set 16 September, 2014
    For Corinne Cassini

12: Für Emma, A-Dur
    For Piano, Voice, String Quartet, and Spoons
    Text by Hwaen Ch'uqi
    Composed 28-29 May, 2016
    For Emma Dong

13: Benediction, Es-Dur
    For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
    Texts: Num.6:24-26, Phil.4:7, and a Martin family toast
    Composed 16 March, 2017
    For Budd and Priscilla Martin

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